Black Telephone News

May 2011:

Black Telephone weighs in on cassette tapes in the Washington Post:
Cassette Tapes Make a Comeback

A fantastic photo essay covering Black Telephone's last show by our friend, photographer Liz Gorman:
Let's Not Talk About Art: Black Telephone/John Masters

April 2011:

Black Telephone's Rory Carroll talks about cassettes in the University of Maryland's student newspaper, The Diamondback: THE JUKEBOX: Tapping in to tapes

Black Telephone joined Brooklyn-based podcast You Had To Be There as the night's musical guest (we're at the end of the show) & Christian Bale confesses his excitement regarding our upcoming performance. Hilarious stuff, but not for the easily offended.
Episode 16: Tiny Apartment & Black Telephone (itunes)
Episode 16: Tiny Apartment & Black Telephone (non-itunes)

March 2011:

Black Telephone helps propel the noble cassette tape into the (sort of) mainstream in the Washington City Paper's 2011 Best of Poll:
DC's Best Medium 2011: Cassette

Black Telephone featured in DCist's artist profile series:
Three Stars: Black Telephone


January 2011:
Black Telephone (and our demo tape) in the Washington City Paper:
On the Pleasures of Receiving a Cassette in the Mail

October 2010:
Black Telephone demo tapes have arrived!

demo tape

4-song EP recorded in February 2010. Includes a free download.
Available for $3 at our shows and for $6 postage paid, anyplace in the U.S.A.
Now available at Crooked Beat Records & Red Onion Records and Books.


September 2010:
Black Telephone likes passionate science (and provides the soundtrack
for this segment of the National Science Foundation's "Finding Your Science").


August 2010:
Holly searches for romantic significance in her vinyl collection on TheVinylDistrict's First Date Feature.


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